Past Events

Feb 04

Mono Acting

09:30 AM Room No.1

A monodrama is a theoretical or artistic piece played by a single actor or singer usually portraying one character.

Jan 31

Debate Competition

09:30 AM Room No.1

A debate is an organized argument or contest of ideas in which the participants discuss a topic from two opposing sides.

Jan 29

Inter School Competition -Aarambh

08:30 AM College Campus & Room No.1

ur college hosts an Inter-School Competition called " ?rambh". It includes following competitions- 1.Singing 2.Dance 3.Ad- Mania 4. 1 minute game 5.Treasure Hunt

Jan 26

Celebration of Republic Day

08:30 AM Degree Engineering College

Republic Day is celebrated all over India with great gratification and joy. It’s a day to honour the Constitution of independent India. National flag hoisting in schools and colleges are regular. Cultural events advocating India’s struggle for freedom is held countrywide.

Jan 23

Desh Bhakti Geet Spardha

08:30 AM College Conference Room (Room Number 1)

Patriotic songs have always played an important role in boosting our morale and fostering a spirit of love towards the nation. This, is a tradition that has been our strength whenever we have been called upon to come together for the national cause.

Jan 21

Fun Games

09:30 AM College Campus and Room No.1

Inter Class Fun Games Competition.It includes- 1.Treasure Hunt 2.O-X-Game 3.Business Games 4. Sequential Games 5.Mind Games

Jan 13

Fun Fair

07:30 AM College Campus

Organised by Samudayik Seva Dhara.